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By Dianne Wenz
Isa Does It again!

Isa does it again! Isa Chandra Moskowitz has a reputation for writing cookbooks full of flavorful, foolproof recipes, but she’s outdone herself with her newest opus. Isa Does It:  Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes for Every Day of the Week is a beautiful 320 page hardbound book packed with hilarious stories, cute artwork and gorgeous photos –… Read more »

By Dianne Wenz
Asian Salad

I made this stir-fry and salad a few months ago at my Easy Weeknight Dinner Cooking Class at the West Orange ShopRite. I often see clients who think they don’t have enough time to cook a healthy meal when they get home from work, but this dish comes together in a flash. I suggest buying… Read more »

By John Lee
It's Vegan

Foodies know that it’s the vegetables that make the dish. Need proof? Think about your last burger. Of course you didn’t eat it plain, there was ketchup, lettuce and tomato.  What’s chicken without rosemary, or orange sauce, or a tamarind barbeque sauce.  It’s all the veg, and the fruit, that make the difference. In a… Read more »

By Dianne Wenz
Sweet Potato Pizza

A coworker once told me that she could never go vegan because she would never be able to give up pizza. I told her that I eat pizza all the time and she said “yeah, but it’s not the same thing.” I agree with her. Most of the vegan pizzas I’ve eaten have been much… Read more »

By Dianne Wenz

Often when people find out that I’m vegan, they start asking about what I eat.   “Do you eat fish?” Nope, fish are animals and vegans don’t eat animals. “What about eggs? Do you eat eggs?” “If you don’t eat meat, milk, eggs or cheese, what exactly do you eat?” It’s probably all just salads,… Read more »

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